What is the Dreamcatcher:

This comic series focuses on the tale of a young hero with a dark past and a vow to protect her dream world, Gluban, from the nightmares that haunt it. Her name is Razina and she holds an ancient necklace with indisputable power. This is the necklace of the Dreamcatcher. In an age of old and during a trying battle between good and evil, a creature named Dreamcatcher was created and trapped inside a mystic emerald which was eventually embedded into a charm. Once Razina wears this charm, she is possessed by the Dreamcatcher and fights the monsters of the night. When darkness lurks, she is there and nightmares best... beware!

About the Author/Comic Artist:

I've always had a love for art ever since I was young and I'd made it a habit to create my own characters and stories. One could say I got a lot of my inspiration from events in my own life, dreams, and some of my favorite comics and movies, some of which are the Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman. I pursued my education in art since I was a youngster. As a student I learned to draw and paint with such media as ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic, oil, and watercolor. I also found sculpting, graphic design, and teaching the arts another favorite part of my past-time. I used the elements of graphic and web design to advertise for an assortment of comedy shows presented by Soul Joel Productions and other comedy troups. I also created webcomics for Webcomic Factory. I presently create webcomics and animations now! You can check those out on the link page. Even to this day, I'm still creating and loving it!

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